Thursday, June 25, 2015

my balkans story in the washington post!

I've been published in the Washington Post! Exciting, right? 
Somewhere in Montenegro. July 2014.

Um, well, kinda. 

One of the big reasons to seek getting articles placed in these big outlets is that the stories will reach more people. Except that in the wonderful real world of publishing and editing, sometimes the story gets lost. 

Per the editors' requests, I wrote a long account of mine and Olivier's 12-day road trip in the Balkans. Difficult to condense down to however many words I was given, but I tried.

In the end, after the usual edits, they decided to run the story more as a photo essay than an article. Okay, no problem. Photos make for a cool spread, and it's great that my friend Olivier has ended up being an equal partner in what's been published.

But the way the story is cut, well, it leaves readers hanging. It's like the story's just getting started and then it ends. Friends who've read it have asked where the rest of the story is.

Anyway, that's how freelancing works. Once I sell them the story, it belongs to both of us, not just to me anymore.

So with those caveats, here's the link: "Driving through the Balkans, a rocky road"

Enjoy! And stay tuned. There's more to the story, and hopefully one day I'll find a place to tell it.