Thursday, June 9, 2016

a montmartre moment

Come along on a short tour of a street in Montmartre in Paris! 

There were so many interesting things happening along this little stretch of Paris that it nearly felt like a set-up -- like a film was being made and all the extras had been tasked to create "normal" street life in Montmartre.

So enjoy this little reality film! :-)

In the opening scene, one of the roving portrait artists had cornered a poor American girl who was too nice to tell him no. When they approached me telling me I was a good model, I'd tell them they could draw if they wanted, but I wouldn't buy it. Their pencils usually stopped moving pretty quickly then. Scene 2: I'm not sure what was so mesmerizing about that guy's cooking, but it did smell good. Scene 3: Of course, there's someone talking to a selfie stick. It wouldn't be believable without it. Scene 4: I think the guy smoking didn't want to be on video. Scene 5: Note the bridal couple who was having a Montmartre photo shoot. 

Et voilĂ  - it's as though you were there!