Friday, December 14, 2007

subject to change

Where I'll be when over the next few months and beyond is still being sorted out, but for those who want to know (and for those who don't but wander over here anyway!), here's the plan I've got so far:
  • now - Dec. 22: livin' it up in Nashville
  • Dec. 22-sometime after Christmas: finally catching up with the fam in East Tennessee, the land of my birth
  • sometime after Christmas-sometime in late January: keeping my parents company at their Kansas digs
  • late January/early February: back to Nashville for some work and a "report from Africa" gathering of some sort
  • February: some traveling for such purposes as scouting out future options and saying thanks to supporters
  • March-ish until sometime: livin' it up in Nashville

I appreciate your prayers as I also pray and listen, seeking to hear where and to what God's leading me next. I plan to continue freelancing, but beyond that the road ahead's wide open. I've got ideas, but they're not quite blog-worthy yet. Mostly, I'm praying I'll be a good steward of the opportunity I've got to move almost anywhere or to stay where I am, the opportunity to re-evaluate and make an intentional and hopefully obedient decision.

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