Wednesday, May 21, 2008

haiti on my mind!

(Credit where credit is due: this map came from here.)

Greetings! Just a quick update for now. Someday I'll hopefully have time to write again. For now time seems filled with admin and organizing tasks that aren't such good food for the creative parts of a person's brain. :-)

I'm working today to nail down my plane tickets for the Haiti trip, so I can finally make those plans official. If you stumble over to this post and send out a quick prayer that I'll make good decisions as I sort through the price and schedule options, I'd appreciate it! My tentative Haiti schedule is July 1/2 through 26. (Right now it's possible I'll leave Nashville on the 1st but not arrive in Haiti until the 2nd.)

Also, I'll eventually get this posted in the sidebars, but here's the link to the website of the missionary friends who will be hosting me and coordinating much of my trip while I'm in Haiti: Michael, Karen and Kaydence Broyles. Please pray for them and their work in Haiti, as well as the extra work that comes with hosting and coordinating things for a visiting friend.

Okay, back to the airline websites!

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Jonathan said...

Yay, this is exciting, Kami! We'll pray for you.

Jonathan's family