Wednesday, June 25, 2008

countdown to haiti! (one week!)

I'm down to one week before I take off for Haiti. I'm excited! I'm busy working through to do lists that won't be finished before I leave. C'est la vie. ;-)

It is good to be approaching July 1 and know that I have to go to Haiti. I thought, when I began making plans, that it was what I was supposed to be doing, but making decisions regarding plans for later this year kind of grabbed all the attention during that time. As I've shifted my focus to Haiti, it's been good to find that this trip feels very necessary and important for all kinds of reasons, ranging from what I can take to and do in Haiti and then bring back to the States to the way God can use this trip to provide another bit of clarity regarding what decisions and opportunities are down the road.

It's really great to be going for only a month (compared to Africa's four) because now, post-Africa, that feels so easy logistically, which allows me to focus on the work I'll be doing rather than the logistics. I'm excited that there'll be less adjustment, that traveling is less new to me know, so I can dig into the stories more quickly and better. I'll also be heading off to Haiti much less tired and somewhat less stressed than the shape I was in when I struck off for Africa. These are good things.

Over this week, please pray that I'll get done what needs to be done and won't stress about what's not crossed off the list and that I'll stay rested and healthy so I can arrive in Haiti in tiptop shape for working. Please also pray that the remaining support money will come in, and that I won't stress about finances in general. God's taught me a lot about trusting Him during the slow months financially, but it's still hard when you encounter a slow month financially. :-)

I likely won't have time to write much more here this week but am looking forward to sharing Haiti's stories and photos with you soon!

Also, if you're in Nashville, you're invited to join us this coming Sunday night at 7:30 at Grace Community Church for a pre-trip prayer time. If you're not in Nashville, you're welcome to join us in prayer from wherever you are.

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Melanie said...

I'll be praying for you! Take care!