Friday, September 26, 2008

on the road again

I'm typing this from probably the worst posture position ever, sitting on the floor leaning (as much as you can) back against an inflated air mattress, reaching forward to reach the laptop on my legs. This is what you get when you are once again having to pack up a room and store belongings all around town while also preparing to head out of the country for a lengthy stay.

This whole nomad thing is officially very hard. Two years in a row now I've had to pack up all my belongings while simultaneously packing for a short-term stay in another country or countries. I'm not sure how many more times my mom will help me do this. While we have our run-ins during packing day(s), I still couldn't do this without her help, and I'm immensely grateful for it. But it's stressful for her too.

This year is better than last year, and I had way less to deposit in storage this year but still there's so much. And I'm taking lots of stuff to England with me. It's so challenging. Take books for example: I'm working on so many different projects at once that the stack of helpful books is very large. And then there are the things I want to learn and the books related to that. Then take clothes: I really have no idea yet what my life in London will look like, what clothes that life will require, or even what the temp will really be like while I'm there. So, as with the books, I probably am packing more than I need, but that's largely because of the not knowing. I expect to have a pretty diverse London life, so that calls for a pretty diverse wardrobe.

I suppose that's all for now. I need to go to sleep for about three hours, then get up and trek forward on some things that need to be done, then jump into the day of moving more stuff to a friend's house, then driving with Mom to visit all the siblings in eastern Tennessee. Then back to Nashville on Sunday night for a little early b'day/bon voyage shin-dig. Then more last minute errands on Monday and then it's time to head to England. Craziness.

Anyway, I just needed to acknowledge that this is a hard way to go. Really hard, inspite of all its world traveler glamour. And I couldn't do it without a massive team of generous people backing me.


Ciona said...

Hey!!! You're in London!!1 I hate I missed your bday/bonvoyage shindig! But I've been thinking about you. Glad you made it.

Anonymous said...

You are right, you could not have done this move without me.I am not trying to boast but this kind of moving is impossible for one person to do alone. I pray that God will allow you to have a permanent dwelling place for your belongings so that if you take another extended trip you only have to pack for the trip. And,for those of you reading Kami's blog, we really didn't have very many disagreements. We have been through MANY moves together and are well aware of how each other operates. It is a good thing we are different personalities otherwise the job would never get done or...if it was totally done my way it would be done well in advance and then I suppose a few things might get missed. Sure would be less anxiety for me though!!!! LOL!