Friday, June 27, 2014

what my work is about: mission statement and core values

Mission Statement:

To connect with people and places around the world in order to tell their stories with truth and authenticity.

Core Values:

I hold the following convictions and seek to partner with those who identify with these core beliefs: 
  • People have potential. All people have value, and their potential can be discovered and known.
  • The world is a place of wonder that should be explored and shared. Sharing experiences and observations with others helps to preserve our child-like curiosity about our world.
  • The truth matters. Whether the truth appears to be pretty or ugly, it carries beauty for being the truth. Though life is messy and relationships can be hard, honesty and authenticity honor people and their deep desire to be known. Care for nuance and subtlety can result in truth that is life-giving rather than harsh.
a few of the people I've met while reporting around the world

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