Tuesday, August 28, 2007

laughing makes my boil hurt

Joel and Julia giving me a tour of the dukas (little shops) around the hospital's premises.

Late night tea party at the Guesthouse: Ann, Bob, Georg, Andrea.

View of the main hospital building and the new surgery building from inside the chapel.

Jims with the souvenirs I bought from him and with all the ones I didn't buy from him.

I'm really not at Tenwek anymore. I've moved on to Nakuru and the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre, where my host is Staci Wells, who, it's important for you to know, is also a proud Asbury College grad. But, though I've moved on, my blog hasn't yet. I think it's the slower internet connections that are getting it down. Certainly it's not a blog hostess who's busy writing other things.


Philip said...

Tell Staci that we said hi! Tell her to update her own blog too. 2 years is too long between posts.

Unknown said...

What in the world does that title have to do with those pics anyway?

Kami Rice said...

YES!! You win the prize, sis, for being the first person to bite the bait and ask! ;-) The only real connection is that Staci and I were talking while I was posting those photos. I laughed at something she said. Then I made that statement (because it was true). Then I decided it was too great a line not to get some more use out of it.

I don't know for sure that it's a boil, but if it is, it's my first (and hopefully last!) real African malady. It's sort of fun and melodramatic and gross to talk about it.

Phil--I passed on your greetings, which gave Staci and me a chance to talk about how much we like you and Holly. ;-)