Wednesday, August 8, 2007

traveling to ghana

The story of our longer-than-planned travels to Ghana is probably told best (and most quickly :-) ) in pictures...

We thought we were an hour away from taking off for stop #1: NYC.

Our flight was cancelled hours ago, everyone else from our flight is gone, ticket counters are shutting down, and we're still trying to figure out new flights.

It's Friday night at we're sad we're still in Nashville.

But we're happy we've got a good hotel room.

Finally at JFK in New York! We hung out with Jenny and Dani, fellow tired travellers.

When we finally reached London, this was our first stop, just yards, I mean, just meters (or is it metres?) away from the door of our plane. This is the sight that told us we had finally really left the U.S.

Next stop: Accra, Ghana!! Yippee!

Our first view of Africa as we crossed the Atlantic.

We finally made it! Welcome to Ghana!

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