Wednesday, October 24, 2007

my first african birthday

My birthday was such a nice day. In addition to receiving messages from so many friends and family, I still had a birthday party! My fellow guests and the folks who run the B&B I'm staying at managed to put together a real party complete with presents in just 24 hours! What nice new friends!

Delicious lemon poppyseed cake created by Lucia, the chef who runs the B&B. The electricity stayed on just long enough for Lucia to bake this!

Hmmm, what did I wish for?

The party crew: Lucia, me, Andra (my Africa University contact and Lucia's sister), Julia (guest lecturer from Memphis along with husband Chris--who's taking the photo)

The beautiful jacaranda tunnel on the street the B&B is on. The mountains in the background remind me of home.
Jacaranda flowers, are you ready for your close-up?


Julie said...

This is beautiful! I'm so jealous you're getting to see this in person.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kami,
Quick question: Did you ever recieve the care package that we sent you from the Missions Prayer Group here at GCC? Just email Jenna at . We're still praying for you! By the way, great pictures! The jacaranda trees are beautiful. Thank you for sharing the Word and your thoughts.