Monday, July 14, 2008

12,000 words worth of pictures

This is a mostly-all-photos post because I don't have time to write any of the things I want to write tonight. And you probably don't have time to read them anyway. So it's really better for all of us for me to stick with pictures. :-)

I'm headed off to Hinche tomorrow. Back to Haiti's central plateau. I'll be meeting up with Save the Children there. Back to Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. We're working on finalizing the rest of my schedule from there. Happy photo viewing!

Some ladies at church last Sunday in Bohoc. Between my fledgling French, their Creole and a bit of Yverta's help in English, I finally understood they wanted me to take their picture. They're standing in front of a mural painted by the California team we overlapped with.

Back at JeanJean and Krissy's after church: Yverta, Michael, Kaydence, Natalie, Jacob, Karen, me.

Making fresh passion fruit juice after church with some of the California folks. It was a lot of work, but the pay off was worth it.

The come-as-you-are-service that meets at JeanJean and Krissy's place on Sunday afternoons. This is for folks who don't feel comfortable coming to or can't get to the Sunday morning service that's further away. It's also for people who can't afford to dress up the way people typically dress up for church in Haiti. Krissy was very excited to see so many people at the service last Sunday. It's been growing steadily but this was record attendance!

The sign for the Pignon airstrip. The Rotary Club of Pignon helped build the strip. I noticed Rotary Club signs all over Africa during my travels, too. They seem to be busy beavers with chapters all over the world doing humanitarian work. Cool.

Loading up to leave Pignon last Sunday.

The view as we climbed out of Pignon.

Flying over some of Haiti's mountains.

A glimpse of the Haiti's very serious deforestation problem, which has caused a severe erosion problem.

The coastline near Port-au-Prince.

Back on the ground in Port-au-Prince!

Outside the MAF hangar.

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Thanks for sharing these pictures. They're great.