Thursday, June 7, 2007

coffee tasting/support-raising/see-you-before-i-leave shin-dig

Calling all Nashville-area folks!

Please plan to join me at my house on Saturday, June 16 from 2-4 pm for a fun little shindig-in-3-parts!

~~Part 1: Coffee Tasting~~
Come taste some excellent African coffees and learn about the fine art of coffee making and growing. Some pro baristas will help you learn how to sound like a coffee connoisseur/snob when you tell all your friends about your tasty weekend activity. And, if you don't like coffee, don't despair! You'll still find plenty of tasty treats to partake of. :-)

~~Part 2: Support-raising~~
This one has sub-parts! Pay attention because it could get complicated.

*I'll spend a bit of time giving an overview of what I'll be doing in Africa this fall, answering questions from the audience ;-) and if I get really motivated maybe using some audio visual tricks to get you really excited about Africa.

*There will be a bucket available in case you'd like to contribute to my support account but haven't mailed anything in yet. You'll be free to drop in cash, coins, checks (hey, you'll save 41 cents by not having to mail it to New Hope yourself!), and credit cards! What a deal! But, there will be NO obligation to visit the bucket. Please come even if you can't contribute.

*For the Ghana portion of the trip, my sister and I are jointly trying to fill a suitcase with toiletries, medications (like cough medicine, ibuprofin, etc.) and old eyeglasses to be distributed in a Ghanaian village. Feel free to bring something to help fill the suitcase! Again, though, no obligation.

*In early July, I'll be holding a yard sale as an Africa trip fundraiser. So, if you've got some cast-offs you can donate to the yard sale, this is yet another way for you to be part of the Africa fun. You can bring your yard sale items with you on Saturday. Anything that doesn't sell will be donated to Good Will or a similar local charity.

~~Part 3: See You Before I Leave shin-dig~~
Please come hang out! I'd love to catch up with you before I head off to Africa but won't have time to get together with everybody one at a time, so come hang out at the group gathering so I can visit with you!

Call or email me for directions: khakiface(at)yahoo(dot)com! I really hope you can come for all or part of the time!!

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Cydil said...

Hey Kami!
Great to chat with you yesterday on the phone! We just cleaned out our garage this week and I have a large box of items saved for "garage sale". Will you have room in your car to take this back to N'ville with you? If so, I'll save it for you. Cydil