Saturday, June 2, 2007

possible writing projects

I've still got lots of finalizing to do, and much may not be finalized until I arrive in-country. But, to keep you updated, here are some of the types of stories I'm in contact with folks about: African church leaders helping bring reconciliation between Kenyan tribes with violent historical differences; new wells providing clean water and strengthened community in villages; individual stories of babies at an orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya; the work of folks connecting pastors from different denominations in southern Sudan; the excitement accompanying small one-shelf libraries in fishing villages in South Africa; the Bible women providing pastoral care in the settlements around South African cities; stories from Africa University in Zimbabwe.

The further I get into this, it's been very cool to find that there's real need for the skills I'm offering folks. I don't know any writers who've done something quite like what I'm doing, so, though I've known in my head that my trip makes sense, I've not been following in known footsteps of people I'm acquainted with. Most of the folks I know who've gone on mission trips do things like build houses or schools or offer medical clinics or lead church training sessions. It's been neat to hear from folks I'm connecting with in Africa that they are excited I'm coming and they could easily keep me busy for a month or more, whereas I'm anticipating spending only a week or so with each organization in each different location. All that to say that you never know when what you're good at is what someone else needs to benefit from.

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