Tuesday, November 27, 2007

cape town cousins

I haven't had much internet access in the past week or two, and I've got it today, so this is mad-dash-update day. Hold on! It's going to be fun!

At long last! Cousin pictures! Courtesy of the post below, I can now officially introduce you to my SECOND COUSIN Jillian (Jill) Stoltz! Note the cool art in the background...Jill's an artist even when she's not comfortable introducing herself that way! We had a very fun time visiting. Jill is just a couple years older than I am.
Jill and husband Joseph, who I guess is not officially my cousin at all (geneology.com didn't say anything about cousins-in-law), but he still gave me a hard time like any good male cousin/brother/uncle should. :-) They treated me to a little sunset cruise the night before I left. This was my first time being in a boat on an ocean. I liked it!

Cute little Hannah Stoltz, my second cousin once removed, chose me to read her bedtime stories a couple nights during my visit. Fun times! (Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of Gabriel, my smiley laid-back 6 month old cousin. I'll have to add a photo of him later!)

Jill and I visited the Aquarium in Cape Town one afternoon. This picture is from the aquarium's cafe deck.
This photo has nothing to do with cousins, except that maybe they will like the photo like I do. It was taken during my short walk on the beautiful, empty beach in Stompneusbaai (Stump Nose Bay) on the coast a couple hours north of Cape Town.


Unknown said...

I finally have been able to take some time to skim over your blog. You have an incredible ability to describe things in a way that others can feel as if they are there. You are very lucky to have gotten to experience these past four months. Thanks for taking the time to share it with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing us to our South African family. we are looking forward to seeing-meeting more of them through your blog. -Mom-

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Cool that you've found family over there. Jeromy of the Christian band FFH found a cousin in Cape Town as well when we did the songwriting seminar there last year.

Such a cute little girl--and I'll bet the accent puts her over the top on the adorable scale. Looks a little like a young Nicole Kidman from here.

Meanwhile my pastor friend from Cape Town has been here in Nashville, and is headed for Rick Warren's church for an AIDS conference this weekend. Let's hear it for two-way cultural exchange!

Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

From what we can see of the picture in the background, Jill is a very talented artist. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kami-
Thanks for the cool pictures. I can see why she reminds you a little of Amy. Her daughter is beautiful..runs in the family. hee hee I have to agree a little with the Nicole Kidman comment.
I can't wait until Christmas when we get to see you. We will have to set aside a full Africa night.
Will you see if you can get at least a small picture from cuz for me. I would love to have one.
Love you tons. Tell the fam we say hello.
Your sis--Erin