Friday, November 30, 2007

list of things

As I look forward to beginning the trip home tomorrow, I decided a list was in order. I also decided that you might appreciate some reading material to peruse while I'm making my way back across the ocean. And then I decided that I should be able to read a lot of books during 19 hours of flying, so I'd better pack my carry-on full of them. Additionally, I decided that carrying the books with me might help my luggage pass the weight limit. After that I decided that, while I could keeping deciding for a very long time, I should probably get on with the promised list.

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • doing less math (what do I have to divide by to figure out what this really costs?)
  • cereal - the sugary kind!
  • driving myself places
  • using a flat iron/hair straightener now and then
  • buying my own groceries (i.e. cereal!)
  • being on my own schedule
  • long phone conversations
  • winter
  • wearing different clothes
  • taking naps whenever I want to
  • my teddy bear (hmm, am I serious or not about this one?)

Things that might take time to readjust to:

  • getting into the correct side of the car
  • hearing only American accents
  • "normal life" (whatever that is ;-) )
  • knowing when and where I'll have internet access
  • not prefacing all plans with the words "probably" or "I'll try to" or "I'll make every effort to...depending on whether I have internet access, electricity, and a way to get there."
  • always having a washcloth

Things that make me nervous:

  • not knowing what's next
  • the chance of forgetting important moments from the past four months
  • all the work I still have to finish :-)

Things that make me excited:

  • not knowing what's next
  • worshiping at my church in Nashville again (
  • returning home during Advent
  • giving Africa presents to my family

Things I'll miss:

  • having to go with the flow
  • the tea culture
  • the accents and language games
  • geckos (they're really cute!)
  • traveling
  • my suitcases (I'm kidding!)
  • my South Africa cousins and other new friends

Things I won't miss:

  • having to go with the flow
  • not knowing what you're going to get when you ask to use the bathroom
  • only being able to get Coke instead of Pepsi
  • doxycycline
  • trying to decide when to "when in Africa, do as the Africans" and when to just keep being what I am
  • sleeping on a different bed every two nights


Unknown said...

It is nice to see that seeing your family was one of the top things on your list :)

Unknown said...

My husband and I just returned from Uganda/Rwanda two days ago. It's been fun reading what you've written here in your blog when I can. And your "re-entry" posts are very familiar! One of the things I'm surprised you didn't write that you're looking forward to is...a washing machine. As soon as our luggage gets shipped back to us (lost in customs), I will be very excited to get those clothes washed in a machine with some hot water. And dried in a dryer! :)
Welcome home and don't worry, you won't know exactly how you changed until you've been home for a little while...So many of the changes are small but significant. Journaling is the best way I discover them.