Saturday, November 17, 2007

wanted: imaginative post titles

I'm back in Cape Town after a couple days north of here in Stompneusbaai (Stump Nose Bay) on the western coast. Today I'm finishing up a writing assignment before going to meet the first of my South African cousins. I'll be staying with Jill and her family for the next few days. She's the same generation as me in the family, and I really don't know much about her, so there will be plenty to talk about.

I'm adding some photos to go with the post below. I wasn't at my computer when I added that post, so I couldn't upload the photos.

the girl in purple on Bukasa Island

Alida, Petronecia, Jonathan, Jonathan, Willie where they live behind a Cape Town liquor store


Anonymous said...

I am just trying this to see if I did something wrong last time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kami, man, not having Internet at home has put me WAY behind in reading your blog so I just took the past 30 min to catch up on the last 2 months! :) It's amazing to think of all the places you've been and this morning, to look at your prayer card and think "in a week and a half, Kami will be back in Nashville." It's crazy! Thanks for these wonderful stories and thoughts. You're blogging has been great! Can't wait to catch up face to face in a few weeks!

C Test 714 said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Independence.