Sunday, September 30, 2007

gotta be speedy

I'm in a rush and just finished an update for you that has just been erased. Grrr... I don't think I have the energy to try to recreate it. We'll see how far I get.

The visit to the islands went well. It was an honor to slip into life there for a couple days. Several people became Christians. Please pray for them and for the island churches that will be helping them step into their new life. I continue to enjoy the way people break stereotypes and to be confronted by the beautiful truth that, though we all look different on the outside, on the inside we look and feel the same. On the inside we all need Jesus.

It's been a treat to land on the kinds of dirt and grass airstrips I've read about in missionary letters for so many years. It's been really neat to get to see the finished product of and the reason for the 30 years my dad spent training missionary pilots. One of the island airstrips had cows on it when we landed, but the strip was long enough that the pilot landed well short of the cows spilling onto the airstrip.

Since returning from that visit last week, I've been in a mad dash to try to write up the experience for MAF. I hope to get photos and a fuller account of the visit posted here, but I'm not sure when that'll happen. Tomorrow begins a crazy, crazy work schedule:

Mon-Wed: Kalongo and Patongo in northern Uganda
Wed night: back in Kampala
Thurs-Fri: Bundibugyo in western Uganda in the Rwenzori Mountains area
Fri night: back in Kampala
Sat: day trip to Gulu in northern Uganda
Sat night-Sun: back in Kampala
Mon-Tues: Ikotos, Sudan
Tues night-Sat: back in Kampala to write up as much as possible before leaving for Zimbabwe early morning on Sun, Oct. 14

The amount of work to be done is a little overwhelming. It's very challenging to go into places and collect as much information as possible and then have to pull out of the place enough to go hibernate and write. And to pump it all out so quickly. But, these are good challenges that are helping me grow as a writer, and I'm immensely thankful to be able to visit the places I'm visiting and talk with people in them. Please pray for the info collecting and the writing processes.

I was able to snag a few fun moments away from work this weekend. Two highlights: getting to play sand volleyball with some of the MAF staff yesterday and going to see Miss Potter at the American Club tonight.

Here's the link to the website for the photographer I'm working with here on the MAF assignments: He's been great to work with.

When I have moments for reading, I've been enjoying a book I picked up at a bookstore here in Kampala: The Shackled Continent: Africa's Past, Present and Future by Robert Guest. What I've read so far has jived well with what I've heard and experienced here.

Thanks to those who've emailed, facebooked or commented here! (and sent birthday cards! a completely unexpected treat here!) Your messages and prayers are appreciated! I'll reply when I can!

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Anonymous said...

Hey SIS-
Thanks for all the updates. I hadn't read in your blog for a little while--sorry, but it was really nice to catch up on everything. I love the pictures of the giraffes. Especially the comment about the funny joke she had just told you. (you're such a weirdo--but in a good way :-) )
That's so cool about getting to meet a former president. I really need to pay better attention to life around me. I feel terribly guilty that I wouldn't have been able to have the conversation with the gentleman in Africa about our current presidential election b/c he would know more about it than myself. Ugh!!
Anywho--thanks again for taking the time to include us on your experiences.
I love you and miss you--Erin