Saturday, September 22, 2007

island adventure

This week I’m scheduled to spend a couple nights on Kome Island in Lake Victoria (Tues-Thurs, I think). Layton, the photographer, and I will be accompanying Sam there. Sam is a Ugandan who used to work for MAF-UK. Within the past couple years or so, he took a leap of faith and went full time with Jesus Film Ministries, instead of just doing it on the side of his full-time job. His wife still works for MAF.

Just a brief conversation with Sam shows him to be one of those people who’s working in many different directions at once, an entrepreneur who’s connected to so many opportunities and needs, and a man who listens and prays and is quietly but solidly passionate about going to the people God’s burdened for. I understand why Simon and Pam like him so much and do all they can to support his work.

Sam particularly senses God’s burden for the people of the islands in Lake Victoria. People on these islands are quite isolated. Witchcraft is the dominant religion of the region. Transportation challenges have kept Ugandan Christians and missionaries from doing much to reach the islanders. People are afraid to cross the water in boats to reach the islands. Sometimes boats are overloaded and sink, reinforcing the fear of traveling that way. We’ll be flying in, another example of the importance of missionary aviation.

This weekend Sam took a team of doctors from Kampala to Kome for medical clinics…and to help pave the way for the evangelistic focus of our days there next week. Of all my stops on this trip, I think the conditions on the island will be the most basic. I’ll be sleeping in a tent and will need to take some water and food with me.

Sam’s nearing the final stages of purchasing some land on one of the Lake Victoria Islands. He explained that it’s very important to have a physical presence and investment on the islands. He also noted that he’s been told that Muslims, Middle Eastern Muslims rather than African Muslims, have been going on boats around to the islands.

Please pray as the medical team’s time wraps up this weekend. Pray for the Christians and pastors who are already on the island. Pray for God’s power to go in front and prepare the way for the messages that will be delivered on Kome this coming week. Pray for it to be clear that God is more powerful than witchcraft and demons. Pray for new members of God’s family.

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