Thursday, September 6, 2007

photo session

While I'm at the internet cafe (where Juliet and Gladys are getting to know me pretty well), I'll go ahead and add a few more photos. Also, please keep an eye on the prayer request section on the right. I update that periodically and just added a couple new things today.

Wycliff reading the profile I wrote about him for a story on the Baby Center - a nerve-wracking moment for any writer!

View from the road outside the Baby Center.

Isn't Kenya beautiful?! This is the view from....! ONE of the balconies on Lord Egerton's "castle." He sounds like an weird old English dude, but he did have good taste in views.

Inside Lord E's castle, which is just down the road from Staci's and was free to tour.

The back of the castle. We visited on a Saturday. The beautiful grounds are owned by Edgerton University. What a pretty spot for this wedding!
You don't mind one more picture of the kids do you? Davy (top), Mary and Lucy (middle), Moses and Benson (Mary's twin; they both have the same beautiful eyes)


Unknown said...

does this mean you are thinking of making all of us go to Africa for your wedding...whenever that may be?

Anonymous said...

I love reading your entries and seeing some of your photos. You are having so many great experiences! I'm a little jealous. :) Hope it keeps going well and you are in my prayers.

Linnea :)

Cydil said...

thanks for posting photos of places in Kenya I've never seen before!