Monday, September 17, 2007

the photos to go with the words: visiting a slummy place

It's called improvising: use a tire as a trampoline, use wood shavings and other things to make a soft landing place and then show off your stellar acrobatic skills.

The orphanage's barn.

Flower vines are no respector of dwellings; they'll climb on up whether it's a stately mansion or a tin-walled shack. They're pretty wherever they are.

View from the Good Samaritan Children's Home gate.

Dawn (on the left) was part of the day's team of visitors. Mama Mercy (on the right) rests for a minute. The kids just play.

These kids know what to do when a camera comes around. And then they know what to do after they've posed: check out their image on the digital camera's screen. (The wall they're leaning through is the one that was supposed to become a new building for them to sleep in.)

This photo is just for Nathan and Cydil who told me their friend Mark was going to be arriving in Kenya around the time I'd be there. Maybe you'll meet him, they said. I didn't pay too much attention because I already had so many people I was meeting with and too many details to keep track of. Well, as our Mathere team headed to lunch, I finally got to ask Mark what college he'd just graduated from. Asbury College?! That's where I went! Hey, do you know Nathan and Cy...wait a minute, You're Mark! They said we might meet! (Don't you feel like you were there now? ;-) )

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Cydil said...

Hey! I've been checking daily for the picture 'just for us'! This is great! We miss Mark a ton! He looks great!
Thanks for humouring us by including this (thought I'd spell British-like in honor of where you are). ;-)