Sunday, July 1, 2007

kenya itinerary is shaping up

After leg #1 in Ghana, I'll be heading on to Kenya (with a brief layover in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia... alas, there won't be time to leave the airport; I'll have to look out at Ethiopia through windows). My itinerary for Kenya is shaping up. None of these pieces are quite final yet, but I'll go ahead and share with you a possible version of what my Kenya time (Aug 13-Sept 14) will hold.

week #1: working with
WGM missionaries serving at Tenwek Hospital in the Bomet district 140 miles west of Nairobi. Among other things I'll likely write profile stories on some of the women who are learning to lead Bible studies for other women.

week #2: working with
WGM missionaries at the Africa Gospel Church Baby Centre near Nakuru. My writing assignments might include writing profile stories on some of the children in the Baby Centre. I think part of writing the story would include hanging out (i.e. playing :-) ) with the babies. :-)

week #3: possibly connecting with
folks working with Empowering Lives Int'l in Eldoret

week #4-5: back to Nairobi to do some work for
AIM, visit missionary friends and possibly meet up more briefly with some other Kenyan connections

Please pray with me as these pieces are finalized, including praying for the logistics of traveling between these places. Thanks!

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