Wednesday, July 11, 2007

three weeks of prayer

I'm asking folks to join me in making July a month of focused prayer in preparation for my trip. I'll be holding weekly prayer gatherings in Nashville, and I invite those of you outside Nashville to join us by praying wherever you are during the time of our prayer gatherings. As July 27 approaches, I'm excited but also somewhat nervous and overwhelmed and wondering what exactly I've bitten off here. :-)

I'm also finding that the magnitude of details to take care of has made it challenging for me to remember to pray for people I'll be meeting and working with in Africa. I'd love your help to lift those people before the Lord, too, so each week this month we'll focus prayer on different countries I'll be visiting. I'll try to post on the blog more specific requests for each place to help guide your prayers.

Here's the schedule. If you're in Nashville, please try to join us in person! The Green Support Raising Basket will be present at each prayer gathering for those who've wanted to give and haven't done it yet, but prayer will be the main purpose of the gatherings.

~~July Prayer Schedule~~
7:30-8:30 pm (central time) each night

Wed, July 11 (that's today!!!) at Grace Community Church (corner of Granny White Pk. and Old Hickory Blvd.) - -- Ghana, Kenya

Tues, July 17 at my house (email me if you need directions: khakiface(at)yahoo(dot)com)-- Uganda

Thurs, July 26 (the night before I leave!) back at my church again -- Zimbabwe, South Africa
Thanks for praying!!

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