Saturday, July 28, 2007

Urgent prayer!!!

Here's the message my friend Andrea emailed out for me:

Hello Kami's Friends,

I just spoke with Kami and we really need to lift her and Erin up in prayer. She was supposed to leave Nashville at 3 this afternoon, but her first flight to New York was canceled due to weather, which caused them to miss their flight to Africa. At this point they have still not rescheduled a flight to Africa and were even told that the next one would not leave until August 8. If this is the case, Erin won't be able to go on the trip at all. Please pray that God will provide a way for them to fly to Africa soon.

They are currently scheduled for a flight to New York tomorrow, but don't know if they should be on it or not. Please pray that the travel agent will do everything he can to get them on a flight. There will be some added expenses because of the extra flights and changes to the schedule. Please pray that God will provide the money for these expenses. Please pray that God will give Kami and Erin wisdom to know what to do and that He will give them peace in the waiting. They are very tired and frustrated. Pray that He will continue to sustain Kami and Erin with physical and emotional strength as they endure the uncertainty of the next few hours/days.

Please pray that God will work this out in a way that brings glory to Him.Thanks for praying! Kami is hoping to get to blog (although she wasn't sure if she'd be able to), but wanted to get an email out as soon as possible. And I'm sure she'd appreciate emails of prayer support whenever she can receive them.

Andrea Frankenfeld(friend of Kami's from writing group in Nashville and Grace Community Church)

Here's my follow up:

Hi, everyone--
Thanks so very much for getting this out, Andrea!

Erin and I are in a hotel in Nashville. We're scheduled to fly to NYC tomorrow on a 6:55 am flight. (There's something like 1 seat left on any other flights from Nashville to NYC tomorrow.) From there, things are fully up in the air. Our travel agent is working on things. We're going to plead our case at the British Airways ticket counter. And we'll be praying for the best.

We can pretty definitely get to London tomorrow, but it's the flights from London to Accra, Ghana that are full. The only seats that appear to be available are VERY expensive ones. (About $1500-3000 more per person than what we paid.) Please pray that when we leave NYC we'll know we for sure have seats to Accra that night. It's hard to think of leaving NYC with a "chance" it'll work out in London, where we can't use our cell phones and where the exchange rate will make holing up in the airport or in the city massively expensive.

As Andrea said, we're both exhausted, physically and emotionally and whatever other ways there are. (We were on our plane and had taxied out to runway--and I had already fallen into much-needed sleep--when the pilot told us we were returning to the gate for a delay and then the flight was cancelled.) But, we're both VERY glad we aren't doing this alone and we've managed some laughter. So, check the blog ( for the first pictures from our trip. And pray, pray, pray. Thanks so much, friends.

Love, Kami

Update on the pictures:

I'm not sure how to get my card reader on my computer to work, and I'm too tired to figure it out. So, you'll just have to check back later for a little visual story of our adventure so far. It's been quite an adventure and we haven't even left Nashville, though airports always feel like they're in another world. We've felt like we're competing in the Amazing Race, and so far our team isn't putting in a very good showing as far as speed is concerned.

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