Wednesday, July 25, 2007

packing, packing, packing and packing some more

Hey, everyone--Just a quick update as the countdown to Africa continues. For the last two days, my mom and I have been busy packing and purging my belongings. The end is sort of in sight, which is a good thing since my moving helpers arrive by 3 pm tomorrow.

Both my sister and I have recieved our passports back full of necessary visas! Yippee! We're really going to Africa! :-) Thanks for praying for their arrival!

As you think of it these next couple days, please pray that all the important things will get done, that no critical detail will be missed and that no critical piece of paper will be lost. There's so much to do yet that every minute feels essential. And things are at that point that it will be very easy for important things to be misplaced.

Also, for those of you around Nashville, please join us on Thursday night for the last pre-trip prayer time together: 7:30 pm at Grace Community Church in the Pine Room. I'd love to see you before I leave, and I really appreciate the times to pray together for the trip and for the people in the countries I'm heading to.

Thanks, friends (and strangers who are reading this blog!)!

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